Month: October 2017

Repair A Wooden Window

What To Do

  1. First, you have to remove the edges that have rotted , and, instead, place some cleats.
  1. Carefully remove the rotten wood from the joints. The joints of the frame must be kept well preserved.
  1. The joints , which have been widened until you reach the healthy wood, you must repair them with putty and the parts that were healthy paste them again.
  1. Also, remove the dried putty and paint residue, and then apply protective paint to the frame parts and crossbars.
  1. The crystals have to be sealed with a putty of linseed oil . The surface of the putty assembly should be allowed to dry before applying a lacquer.

Damage To The Garrisons?

We could say that the fittings of the old windows are almost always very stable. Even so, the most common fault is that the screws that fix the trim to the wood are removed.

  1. The first thing to do is to remove the screws and all the traces of lacquer and metal from the wood. The simple solution of placing longer and thicker screws is not always enough .
  1. If the holes of the screws have already been given, they have to be filled with wooden blocks (which you must then carefully saw and sanding) or mastic, after having cleaned them with the drill.
  1. The bearings will have to place them displaced of their original position, in the wood not damaged.

The Water Leg

This is called the anterior corner of the horizontal stem of the window frame. Well, this part is often damaged because of, for example, the rain. When it rains, water strikes against it, runs down the leg down and penetrates between the wood and masonry, especially if the joints are not tight enough.

Normally the wood begins to rot on the bottom or on the side joints with the walls. Being areas that are not very visible, the destruction takes time to observe, so it is possible that you see the need to change the whole piece. Do this:

  1. With a saw of points or circles , separate the leg from the frame.
  1. Clean the edges with a chisel.
  1. Cut and brush a new leg, of the same size as the old one.
  1. Place it in the same position, thoroughly sanding the surface and applying waterproof glue or repair putty.
  1. After it has dried, cover all slits with closing glue. The dough must have a permanent elasticity and allow it to be painted on it.

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Tips To Make Your Business To Be Prosperous And Successful

He is having spent a thousand and one adventures in the business world have come to the conclusion that there is no exact formula to make our business profitable and famous. While it is true that following these tips will have something more structured our ideas and follow a methodical plan with which we make it easier to reach our goals.

To succeed in business today, you have to be flexible, adaptable, have a good organization and planning. And remember, failures are future successes and positive experiences:


To get the most out of our company first thing to do is to be organized as they will help you complete tasks and be aware of the things we will do in the future. A good help is to create a list of things to do every day. As each job is completed, I cross it off as it is completed. This will ensure that you are not forgetting anything and are completing all tasks.

Keep A Detailed Record

All large businesses carry detailed record of your accounts to see if we really profitable a customer or we will expose financially. Knowing this will give you time to plan strategies to overcome obstacles so they can continue to grow as a company.

Analyze Your Competition

If our competition currently generates better results than we must study and learn from our competitors. After all, they are doing so well what they’re doing what we can implement in our business to generate more revenue.

Understand The Risks And Benefits

The key to success is to take calculated risks previously and thus grow our business. A good question that every businessman or entrepreneur should ask is: “What can we lose,” If you can answer this question, you know the biggest risk you face. This knowledge will allow you to take calculated risks previously but if it turns out well we can generate much more revenue than usual.

Be Creative

Always look for ways to improve your business and make it stand out above your competition. You recognize that do not know everything and estate open to new ideas and new approaches to your business.

Stay focused

The old saying that “Rome was not built in a day” can be applied here. The act of opening a business does not mean you will generate income immediately. time and patience to let people know who you are needed, so I stay focused on achieving your short-term goals and give yourself time for yourself too.

Be Prepared To Make Sacrifices

Prior to opening a business period is hard work, but once underway, is when the hard work really starts. In many cases, you will have to put more time than it should because the reality is that you are ultimately responsible and work for yourself. So you have to make sacrifices, like spending less time with your family or friends.

It Provides Great Service

There are many successful businesses that forget that the provision of customer service is important. If you know provide good service to your customers, you’ll have a great chance to recur with you, instead of going to the competition.


Once your business is running, you must exploit to the fullest for it to become successful. Example: You have a hospital and have costly medical equipments. Then the advice is to finance your medical equipments with medical equipment financing. This is also a symbol to raise your business with more economic benefits. This requires concentration, discipline and perseverance. However, success will not come in one day, it requires a long-term approach and remain constant.

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