5 Tips to Cope with Emotional Eating

Emotional eating or eating for reasons other than physical hunger was definitely one of my main obstacles with regards to weight management. Many people don’t realize it, but emotional eating is the number one reason you can’t stick to a healthy diet. In my experience, most people intuitively know what healthy choices are, liposuction before & after but they get off track by eating for emotional reasons, sometimes for feelings they don’t even understand or recognize – like envy, suppressed anger, self-doubts and fear, just to name a few.

The good news, however, is that emotional eating is a learned behavior that can be understood and modified. It will take time and effort, but with understanding and awareness, you are well on your way to finding healthier ways of coping with life’s stresses and anxieties.

Notice the difference between the times when you eat in a moderate way and the times when you overindulge. Is it when you’re alone or in groups? At night or in the afternoon? When the kids are fighting or misbehaving? When you’re angry, tired, stressed or bored?

2. Pause and Take a Deep Breath.

Take a time-out when you’re tempted to overeat and ask yourself the following questions: What am I really hungry for? Is food going to help me get what I really want? What else could I do besides eating? This critical pause moment can help you gather your composure and redirect your actions.

3. Develop a repertoire of other sources of comfort.

You eat to feel better because it works. You do feel better for a few moments after you eat, that is until the regret settles in. Your mind offers it as an option because you haven’t learned better, more effective forms of comfort. When you learn new ways, you won’t need food. Start simple, like taking a hot bath or long contemplative walk, read a magazine, call a friend or go window shopping.

4. Put the pieces of your life in order.

The more you know how to manage the details of your life (managing your finances, nurturing relationships, getting the relaxation time you need, feeding your soul) the less you’ll need the comfort of food.
Life can feel very overwhelming at times, so realize that you are doing the best you can and taking one day at a time.

5. Be happy now.

People are under the false pretense that when they lose weight they’ll be happy, but it actually happens in reverse. When you are content with who you are and how your life is going you’re in a place to make mindful food choices and finally lose the weight you want to lose. Feeling great right now helps you to want to take excellent care of yourself in all ways.