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7 beauty foods for a beautiful body

Maybe if you’re looking for nutrition courses online you’re thinking about your health, about losing weight, feel better or a career to make a living. dihydrocodeine But there is another factor that is included in this approach towards nutrition: Beauty. Yes! David Wolfe is also an expert in beauty and a very passionate advocate of using nutrition to improve appearance. When you are considering nutritionist education this is an important subject to keep in mind. Beauty is a sign of health, a natural desire, and very related to our instinct to reproduce with other healthy humans.

But we now live in a world where marketing has convinced us that beauty is achievable buying creams, lotions, oils and pills. Do you want a beautiful glowing skin? Do you want brighter eyes? Do you want true beauty, vitality and health? Well, ignore them. Ignore them, because they want customers for life with artificial and expensive products that are toxic for your body. Because your skin is like your mouth, it’s an organ that swallow the stuff you put on it.

Inside the David Wolfe’s nutrition online course we’re talking about in this blog there is a section about this subject of beauty and he has a unique and passionate way to explain it. As he says, we need raw foods containing high concentrations of the minerals sulfur, silicon, zinc, iron and manganese. Foods that help to maintain a proper acid/alkaline pH balance in the body, with anti-parasitical effects and with high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Let’s take a look to 7 of these foods:

1-CUCUMBERS. The skins have high levels of silicon but in order to avoid pesticides we need to choose organic. Cucumber are great for cleansing your body.

2-ALOE VERA. You can use the gel of the Aloe topically or add to your juices. It has a great anti-inflammatory power.

3-OLIVES AND OLIVE OIL. Lubricating, cleansing, and beautifying. In classical literature and mythology, they are symbolic of purity, happiness, and abundance. Olives and olive oil are one of the highest natural sources of vitamin E that has rejuvenative power. Add them to your salads. I can only say one thing about olives: I LOVE them!!! They are the best.

4-PUMPKIN SEEDS. B vitamins, fatty oils, phytonutrients, zinc = clear and glowing skin. Do you want it?

5-COCONUT OIL. It assits the thyroid gland, heals the skin, high in antioxidants,… Use it topically, cooking, into smoothies,…

6-HEMP SEEDS. First thing: their taste is great. Loads with nutrition and all nine essential aminoacids. Use into your smoothies, as a snack, add to your salads. You’ll notice improvement in your skin. Soon.

7-RADISHES. Perhaps the most beautifying of all foods. High sulfur and silicon. These minerals with the high vitamin C content of radishes create glowing skin.

These are 7 of them. Some of the top. You can find more information in the nutrition classes by David Wolfe. Remember, be beautiful from the inside out. And smile.

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