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Make Photoshop Simpler With 5 Selection Tool Tips

Using the Marquee tool in Photoshop allows you to modify your photos in specific sections and leave other parts of the picture alone. This way you can take your time and enhance any picture, without worrying about effect bleeding over. The following takes a look at using the Marquee selection tools in Photoshop. Visit for more information.

The Importance Of Selection Tools
Photoshop and Photoshop Elements give a series of specialized tools, helping you pick geometric shapes, rows and columns of pixels, free-form shapes, and polygons. There are even tools that allow you to make selections off of color and pixel differences. Based on the nature of your image and the specifics of the areas you want to select, you’ll pick your selection tool. Experience is the best guide to which tool to use as there are no concrete rules when it comes to tool selection.

The Four Marquee Tools
Photoshop contains four Marquee tools. First, there is the Rectangular Marquee tool which is used for rectangles and squares. Second, the Elliptical Marquee tool is used for ovals and circles. Third, the Single Row Marquee tool allows you to choose only one line of pixels. Lastly, the Single Column Marquee tool selects a column that’s one pixel wide. These tools are pretty straightforward, as well as easy to use.

Tip 1: Choosing Your Tool
Drag the Rectangular or Elliptical Marquee tool over to properly select a rectangle or oval. Also, you can select the Marquee tools by clicking them in the Tool palette or by pressing Shift+M over and over until the wanted Marquee tool is highlighted in the Tool palette. In Photoshop, the Rectangular and Elliptical Marquees are offered, and now, Photoshop Elements also offers the same thing with one disadvantage: no Single Row or Single Column options. To make a perfectly square or circular selection, use the shift key. However, until the selection is done, be careful to keep your finger on the Shift key while releasing the mouse. If you don’t release the key before the mouse, the selection will convert back to the original size and shape.

Tip 2: Style Settings For Your Selections
The Rectangular and also the Elliptical Marquee tools give you the option of choosing from a variety of Style settings. Here are the three choices: Normal, Fixed Aspect Ratio (Constrained Aspect Ratio on the Mac), and Fixed Size. The Fixed choices show up on the tool’s Options bar with additional options where you may enter the ratio or dimensions accordingly. However, if you are using the Normal style, these options are not on the tool’s Options bar, but faded instead.

Tip 3: Selecting Single Columns
Photoshop’s Single Row Marquee and Single Column Marquee tools enable you to easily select a row or column that’s one pixel wide. To do this. you just need to click the selected image, and then, delete, paint, fill, cut, or copy the image. The Marquee tools are perfect for drawing grids on the image. You can fill different selections with a solid color, which makes creating a perfect line on the image a breeze! The line can go either up and down, left to right, or you can utilize the Options bar to set a Feather (fading) amount in excess of the default 0 pixels.

Tip 4: The Four Selection Options
To enhance an area, click on one of the four icons in the Marquee tool’s Options bar. The Lasso and Magic Wand tools function in the same way. New Selection does what its name suggests, Add to Selection expands an existing selection, Subtract from Selection deletes part of a selection and Intersect with Selection creates a selection from the overlapping area of two selections. Each button does something different. They control whether you add, subtract, or make a new selection within two overlapping selections. In New Selection mode you click and drag the mouse to create a new Marquee selection, and that replaces other selections in place.

Tip 5: More On Selection Options
If you change to “Add” in the Selection mode, you will be able to choose non-adjacent areas in the image, or you can make your current choice bigger. The “Subtract” function in the Selection mode allows you to take away from an existing choice or to deselect non-adjacent components of your first selection. Picking “Intersect” in the Selection mode lets you make new selection shapes. You can also switch between modes as you adjust the sale and size of selections.

Photoshop’s selection tools can enhance the way that you edit your images. Regardless of which tool you use, you’ll have the ability to only edit the areas you want to edit. This specificity continues to come in handy for its users time and time again, and now you can know its benefit as well.

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