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Quick Tips: Change The Sand Inside The Pool Filters

A lot of people wonder when they should change the sand in the pool filter. Experts recommend doing that every five years. Some people don’t change the sand for 20 years and the filter still does the job but not as efficient as if there was new sand inside of it.

We do not recommend waiting for more than 5 years because as time passes the sand loses its roughness. The roughness is responsible for filtering the particles of dirt that are in the water. As time passes the sand becomes less efficient because it smoothes out and stops doing its job well. In other words, the particles can’t be caught on a smooth surface. If you don’t change the sand after five years you will have to clean the water more frequently which will take more time and add additional costs. You will also have to use a bigger amount of sanitizer. The bigger problem however is that if not cleaned well the pool will accumulate so much dirt that it will penetrate deep and you won’t be able to clean it thoroughly with a normal backwashing.

If you decide to change the sand by yourself then the first thing you need to do is open the filter. If your filter has multiport valve on top then you will have to disconnect the plumbing that is connected to the valve. When the filter is open you can start digging out the sand. It is better to do that with a plastic cup than with a shovel or another hard tool because you can break the laterals of the underdrain.

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If you are not very careful you can break them and that would cause some extra work to be done and you surely want to avoid that. Remove all the sand and then get ready to examine and clean the laterals. Most of laterals can be easily unscrewed and removed. Some laterals can snap but they are very rare. Try to remove them gently and if they don’t fall off stop pulling because they will break.

If a lateral is broken you need to replace it. Laterals absorb dirt so you can soak the pieces in muriatic acid and add a little bit of water. Leave them in it for a while and after that rinse them thoroughly until they shine. Rinsing the tank is the next step and when you are done with that too, you can reinstall the laterals. Before putting the new sand in, you will have to replace the underdrain assembly. After that, fill half of the tank with water. The water will serve as a cushion for the laterals. When you are done with pouring the sand in the tank, reach into the tank in order to level out the sand bed. The amount of sand needed is indicated on the tank label. The final step is reassembling the filter tank and you are left with a clean pool filter.

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