Top Five Traits of Interior Designers

Being a great interior designer requires so much more than good taste. Solar panels Sydney Interior design hopefuls with dreams of touring show rooms and jet-setting around the world will find the profession demands much more of them than the careful selection of textiles. A successful interior design career means lots of work behind the scenes, long after the design itself has been created. The best interior designers are multi-talented individuals with business skills as well as style.

1. Creativity. While it’s not the only requirement, creativity is still a very important trait for interior designers. A unique approach to the design process and a one-of-a-kind vision can set you apart from thousands of other interior designers. However, you will need lots of other important skills in order to successfully carry out your design vision.
2. Detail-oriented. Interior designers must be very detail oriented. Details add texture and uniqueness to a design scheme. But attention to detail is also important when executing the design process. You have to be able to coordinate workers, delivery schedules, and budgets. You must accurately adhere to building and access codes. Most importantly, including the thoughtful details that make the space special will have real meaning for your clients and set you apart as a designer.
3. Listening skills. Many design hopefuls look at this career as an opportunity to express themselves. While you lend your eye for design to each project, your designs have to be about your client and not about you. After all, they are the ones who will be using the space for the long term. A great interior designer hears his client’s needs and works hard to meet them. In order to do that, he must be a good listener.
4. Strong negotiator. At the end of the day, interior design is a business. Your clients will want to complete each project for a reasonable price while you, or your firm, will need to make a profit on each project in order to make their efforts worthwhile. This is why interior designers need to be great negotiators as well as great artists. They have to be able to sell potential clients on the value of their services, establish a budget, and negotiate with vendors and contractors in order to stay within that budget. Marketing skills and salesmanship are invaluable skills for a successful designer.
5. Professionalism. Interior design is a people business and a designer or firm’s reputation is everything. If you want to have a long career in interior design, it’s important that you conduct yourself with the highest degree of professionalism at all times. You want to have the respect of your peers and the admiration of your clients. You want to be the kind of designer other industry professionals want to work with and that your clients will recommend. These things have as much to do with you as a person as they do with your skills as a designer.

There are many more traits involved in being a good interior designer. But with these top five traits, you’re on the path to being a great interior designer.